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Put Yourself in the Frame this Mothers Day | Family Photography | North Sydney

This year will be my third Mothers Day.  For my first Mothers Day, when my husband asked me what I wanted, I thought I was keeping it pretty simple and said that all I wanted was a nice photo of my daughter and I together.  It is now what I want every Mothers Day – I missed out last year unfortunately, I did get a lovely dressing gown, but no photo.  This year I’m determined to get a photo of myself with BOTH my daughters!2015-05-01_0002

Far too often as a mum, we are the ones always taking the photos and never being in them.  Mostly we just want to make sure we capture all those gorgeous moments from our day to day life that happen with our little ones, using whatever is to hand – from a slr camera, point and shoot or, more often now, our phones.  Sometimes it’s a great way to avoid being in front of the camera too, post pregnancy bodies and less time to take care of ourselves often have us feeling a lot more self conscious of our appearance than pre-kids.


This Mothers Day, I want to encourage you to get in front of the camera.  So hand that camera (or phone) over to your partner, family member or friend and get them to take a few shots of you with your kids.  Over the coming week I will share a few simple tips to help you get some great shots of you with your kids!



Busy Mum | Glamour Photography | Sydney

Jen is the busy mum to two very active boys and spends a lot of her time running around looking after them, along with work and many other demands on her time.  Like many of us, once everything else is done, Jen doesn’t end up getting to spend too much time for herself.  So it was a pleasure to sit her down and give her a full makeover and make these gorgeous photographs showing her just how beautiful she is.


Jen, as your family and friends know, you are a beautiful woman both inside and out.  I am glad that I could do these photographs with you and show you just how gorgeous you are!


Want to do something different for your mum this Mothers Day?  Put her in front of the camera for a change!  Let us make her over, dress her up and capture her feeling as beautiful as you know she is.  Get in touch with me now to line up a special shoot for your mum!

Happy Mothers Day

A very happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there.  Whether this is your first (like me!) or one of many, I hope you are being spoilt and looked after by your loved ones.  I asked for some photos of me and my little one for Mothers Day, we will do some more but these are a start – try and get out from behind the camera today and make sure you are in the photos too, your kids will treasure them!  I’ve also included some photos of some gorgeous mums with their kids that I’ve taken in the past.  Enjoy!

Happy Mothers Day photography sydneymothers day photography