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Letter to My Daughters ~ June

Wow – 3 months to catch up on and what a lot has happened!

Emily, my beautiful, big girl.  Your confidence keeps growing, your curiosity is never ending and your smile fills my heart.  The past three months have been action packed.  We took you on your first ride on a train – this is now called “a big adventure” and you loved spotting things out the window and telling us all about what you could see.  Many trips to the zoo where you can now find your way around as well as we can, trips to the park and lots of walks.


You adore seeing all of your grandparents and ask about them regularly.  You are getting more comfortable around them and are a lot more quick to give cuddles and hold hands every time you see them.  You have made lots of friends at day care and when we pick you up we get to hear who your “best friend” was that day.  Usually Ashley, Hayley or Ethan seem to pop up the most, although some days it’s an emphatic “no one”!  You started doing a dance class at day care once a week this term and you love it so much.  Thursday is one of your favourite days because of it.


You continue to eat nearly everything, although you are getting more opinionated about your food.  The only thing you really refuse is “green trees”, although most dinners which you usually scoff down are initially described as “disgusting!” at the moment.  You are sleeping well most nights and have barely been sick, although I think the winter bugs are starting up as you are just over your first bout of tonsillitis.  In May, you had a large patch of hair fall out.  A quick trip to the gp to make sure it wasn’t fungal/contagious for daycare and then off to a dermatologist confirmed that you appear to have alopecia areata.  Luckily your hair has already started growing back, but we don’t know what to expect from it in the future.


You are our clever, creative and curious little girl and are growing up very quickly.


Sophie!  What a big three months for you as well.  Twenty months now and you are passing milestones like crazy, and there are some big ones in there.  You have ditched the high chair and demanded to sit in a big girls seat like your sister does.  The past few months have also seen you getting better and better at feeding yourself to the point we barely need to help you any more and the mess being made is definitely decreasing.

You are also walking a lot further, to the point we can walk up to the local shops and leave the pram at home – fantastic!  At first your little legs would get tired on the way home, but now you make it all the way with no problems and then still want to continue on to the park.  At the park, you are also increasingly independent.  Climbing up the big slide on your own, confidently making your way down either slide and also being more aware of the edges, so while we still have to keep a very close eye on you we no longer have to climb up with you to make sure you are safe.


You are still loving daycare and have made some great friends there.  Some days you are having so much fun that when I arrive to pick you up, you run off to another area and just keep on playing with your friends instead of coming over for cuddles and dragging me to the door.

You are loving exploring your world as you become more and more aware of everything around you.  Gumnuts are a big favourite to find on our walks and you proudly share them with us.  You are also talking a lot and your vocabulary increases almost every day, although we know you are getting frustrated at not being able to tell us everything you want to – we’d better look out once you can!  Like Emily, you have been pretty healthy lately, a few runny noses and then first bad winter bug right at the end of June.  Your 18 month check up and immunisations were done with minimal fuss.  You are still our bigger than the average girl (trying to catch up to your sister?) sitting at 90th percentile or higher on both height and weight.


You are our cheeky, happy, cuddly little girl.

Love you both lots and lots and lots xoxoxoxoxo


Emily and Sophie, you are the best of friends and adore each other.  It is amazing to watch you play together and take care of each other.  I hope you will always have this xx




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