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Letter to Emily – June

What a month!  You’ve had your cranky pants on for a lot of this month – first you had a tummy bug which luckily didn’t last too long, but you took several days to get over it completely.  Then we realised that you had two molars come through!  They usually don’t show up until you are 15 months or so and took us all by surprise.  Then only two days ago, one of those bottom teeth came through – so we’re up to NINE teeth already!

Emily at the park, letter to my daughter

You are eating well, have dropped another bottle (now only three) and will try almost anything we give you.  You weren’t very impressed with mushrooms but that’s about it.  We’re introducing more and more finger food to you and you love feeding yourself and don’t make nearly as much mess with it as we expected.  I cooked up some pikelets and shared them with you the other day and you thought it was absolutely awesome!  (Excuse the quality of the photos below, they’re from my camera phone but were too cute not to share.)

EEmily eating pikelets, letter to my daughter

You move around so much more confidently now, cruising on anything you can pull up on, holding our hands to “walk” around and climbing the stairs so quickly.  We took you to the park on the weekend but you weren’t very impressed with it.  Hopefully you will become more interested when the weather warms up and you can start moving around everything yourself.  You also had your first trip to the zoo.  We found enough animals that were moving around to keep you entertained for a while, but I think the highlight of the day for you was getting to eat a hot chip!

Emily at the zoo, letter to my daughter

You have the cheekiest, happiest grin for us at the moment.  You are finding the big, wide world a little intimidating at times, but always feel safe with your mum and dad around.

Love you lots and lots and lots xx

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Afternoon in The Rocks ~ Engagement Photography ~ Sydney

What a fabulous afternoon in The Rocks, Sydney with Toby and Lesley taking photos to celebrate their recent engagement.  The weather forecast wasn’t promising, but Sydney turned on a gorgeous blue sky for a perfect late autumn afternoon.  I’m always amazed that no matter how busy it is down at The Rocks, and it gets really busy on the weekends, it is always possible to find a quiet corner away from the crowds – perfect to get rid of those initial nerves of being “couply” in front of a camera.

I’ve known Toby for a while and met his fiancée a few times over the years so it was lovely to spend some time with them and hear about their wedding plans and stories about how the met, first dates and, of course, the proposal.  After an initial slightly nervous start, they quickly relaxed and got into the swing of things.engagement photography sydney, The Rocks

After some quiet spaces in The Rocks, we made our way to the harbour and around Dawes Point before heading up to Observatory Hill.  We caught the final bits of sunlight and finished off with a perfect silhouette under a tree – I’ve always wanted to do this photo at this location and it turned out just as I hoped, well worth laying down in some dirt to get!  Congratulations again to you both and wishing you all the best for your wedding next year!

engagement photography Sydney Observatory Hill

Letter to Emily – May

What a month May has been.  You have had lots of visits with family, spending an afternoon with the grandparents while Mummy and Daddy got to go out for a few hours (bliss!) and then visits from the other grandparents in the last week as well as both your uncles – everyone was in town!  It was a little overwhelming having all these new faces around at first, but after a few tears you adjusted and were happily smiling at everyone and crawling around the place.

Letter to my daughter

You’re moving so much faster now.  The crawling has picked up pace, you pull up on everything you can reach and love standing at the glass sliding door to the backyard and watching the cat outside.  You’ve taken a few tumbles, had a few bruises, but your balance keeps improving and we’re lucky you worked out to fall onto your bum first before your head hits the ground!  We’ve had more teeth come through – you have six now!

Letter to my daughter, crawling

Most of the time you are sleeping better, we still have the occasional rough night, but most nights you go down fairly easily and it’s getting closer (and more consistently) to 6am before you get up each day.  On weekends you love coming into our room and having a play on the bed before heading downstairs for your breakfast.  You’re still on 4 bottles a day, but your solids have increased and you’re still loving pretty much everything we put in front of you.  Day naps have dropped back to two a day and as long as we get you down in time they are lovely, longer naps.  If you’re naps get stuffed up though you get a bit cranky, so we try and keep to them as best we can.

Letter to my daughter, family photo

Bonus family photo! Photograph taken by Lee Cleland

This month you are such an active, happy and mostly contented bub with the biggest grin for everyone.

Love you lots and lots and lots.

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