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Letter to my Daughters – December

Dear Emily, you’re getting older now and the big milestones are coming along a bit slower, but we can still see you growing and learning every day.  You are adjusting to the presence of your new sister and love trying to help us with her – letting us know when she cries, trying to rock the pram, and constantly trying to touch her little hands and feet whenever you have the chance.

You are still having trouble with going down to sleep, but luckily for all of us this is now only a problem for you at night and your day sleeps are pretty much back to normal.  You still need your two naps during the day, but you don’t get quite as tired and cranky if they are a bit shorter.  Although you do prefer your long sleeps still!


We had a few outings for you this month and some fun new experiences.  You went to a water play area with lots of fountains – you were a bit scared of it all but got braver the longer we were there.  It was a still a bit too much for you though at times and you would switch between laughing and crying continually.  We also went to the zoo twice!  This was much more interesting.  There were animals you could get close to and touch and you thought the elephants were so funny, you were still laughing about them 10 minutes later.  It’s a big day for you going to the zoo, but you had so much fun and we will be trying to get back there regularly.


Your balance is improving and when we take you for walks you are practically running the whole way now.  You can do little twirls (although you can get a bit dizzy), and at the park can get yourself on to the see-saw and love trying to walk up the slide.  You can walk quite a long way now too – up to distances over 1km.


Your toys have become your “babies” and we often see you picking them up and patting them on the back or trying to give them a drink from your water bottle.  While you haven’t said any words yet, you have perfected the art of answering our questions with a nod or shake of your head, which helps us work out what you want a lot.  Usually it’s for more food!  But it is also useful when you want to let us know you are tired.

You find so many things amusing at the moment and are so often laughing and giggling away to some private joke or just at us, you are our happy, sunny, active little girl.


Dear Sophie, what a month for you!  At the start of the month we had your 6 week check up and everything about you is coming along perfectly.  Height and weight are both hovering around 50th percentile which is lovely – you have perfect chubby little arms and legs, much more so than your sister had at the same age.  Your interactions with people and ability to hold a gaze were advanced for your age, so much so that the nurse could hardly believe that you had turned up 3 weeks early!


You have cut down to five bottles a day already and only one of those through the night which is lovely for us as we are starting to get some decent sleep again.  You are becoming much more alert during your awake periods and even have little “chats” with us already, making the cutest little goo and gaa sounds.  We didn’t get this from Emily, so it’s lovely seeing the differences between you both already.


You are growing quickly and it looks like you will be out of the 000 clothes soon and into just 00 – it is all happening so fast.  We have taken you out in the car quite a bit recently and luckily you are perfectly behaved and don’t seem to mind it at all.  Most of the time you just fall asleep with the movement of the car.  Unfortunately, once we get where we are going it’s not quite as smooth.  As long as we are moving (like at the zoo), you are happy enough, but if we want to stay in one place it doesn’t take long before you are crying the place down.  This makes it a little difficult to get out and about and take your sister to interesting places, but hopefully it is a short phase and we can start doing more soon.


Love you both lots and lots and lots


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And one last photo of Emily – I’m loving this girls crazy faces at the moment…