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About Kim

IMG_8645-EditI’m a photographer based in northern Sydney. I live  with my husband Nick, my beautiful little daughters Emily and Sophie, and our cat, Oscar.

Having worked in IT since my early 20’s, I was itching to find a creative outlet.  I had always enjoyed photography, though the camera usually only came out for special occasions.  So I bought myself a DSLR and decided to really learn how to use it properly – not just leave it on auto!  I started by doing stock photography – landscapes, flowers, a few portraits.  It was a bit of a baptism of fire – I had to learn how to create a technically perfect photo before it would even be considered for submission for sale.  I kept at it and worked on my skills for a couple of years (and did a LOT of reading and study) and, on the side, did a few family portraits for family and friends.  Having never really been “into” photographing people before, I was surprised to discover that I loved it!  The interactions within families is fascinating, each with its own dynamics, and being able to catch those moments is just brilliant.

Growing up, I didn’t really “get” kids and thought I would just be the cool aunt rather than a mum, so it hit me as a surprise one day when I realised that I actually did want to have my own children.  And I wanted beautiful photos of them – and this was all before I had even started dating my husband!

So here I am now, married, two gorgeous little girls, camera in hand, continuing to capture moments of family life – my own and others.  Whether your family is just two of you or ten, whether you are celebrating an engagement, an anniversary or wanting some up-to-date family photographs for the wall, I would love to hear from you. Each client brings their own stories, their own interactions and their own look to each shoot that I do and it is this variety and individuality that I want to capture for you.

And since Nick likes to take sneaky shots of me while I’m taking photos…

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