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Letter to my Daughters – February

Gorgeous girls, you both keep changing and growing so quickly!

Dear Emily, your smile and laughter are contagious.  We’ve heard a little less of them than usual this month as you have suffered through a few nasty colds for the first time.  The latest saw you with a bit of a temperature and major sniffles for a whole week, followed up with a bout of gastro (which you shared with the rest of us too).  For that week or two you just wanted your mummy and were not interested in being around anyone else.  Luckily you are now over that and are back to your usual happy, energetic self.

You have settled in to the one nap routine pretty well now and we think you must be going through another growth spurt as your appetite is huge.  I think you eat more in a day than I do at the moment!  You are having more fun at the park and continue pushing your limits and seeing what you can do.  This resulted in a fat lip a couple of days ago, but you also mastered going head first down the big slide and at home you love drawing and throwing a ball around, making sure that everyone has a turn.  You were very brave at the start of this week getting your 18 month immunisations and check up.  You are now 11.3kg and height is 82cm, you have very few clear words, but I take it as a good sign that your clearest word so far is “yum” and is used liberally at meal time.

You are becoming more affectionate all the time now, cuddles and holding our hands are a regular part of the days now.  The cutest thing from you at the moment though by far, is when you see mummy and daddy have a cuddle, you give us the biggest grin and make your “happy” noise.


Dear Sophie, you are still our happy, chubby little girl and you are growing so much!  Other than a quick bout of gastro a week ago, you have had a pretty good month.  You continue to sleep through the night, feed well and your feeds have become fairly predictable which really helps us plan things.  You have gone up another nappy size – only one size below your big sister now.

You are becoming more and more alert and interactive too – grabbing anything that touches your little fingers and smiling your great big grin when you wake up and see us looking at you.  You’re getting the hang of tummy time and managed to roll from front to back, doing it twice each way earlier this week, although you haven’t done it again yet.  Your big sister still loves being with you and whenever you are up she wants to come over and touch your toes and hands and for your part, you can’t take your eyes off her when she is near.

You hit the 4 month mark two days ago and we take you for your immunisations and check up next week.  Looking forward to seeing how much you have grown and to what the next month with you brings.


Love you both lots and lots and lots xoxoxoxoxo

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