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Letter to Emily & Sophie – November

And then there were two!


Welcome to the world Sophie Lee Eales!  You couldn’t wait any longer and made your way in to the world 3 weeks early, just hours after last months letter to Emily went live.  Your birth and first few weeks have been relatively easy compared to the chaos your sister brought to us.  The birth was straight forward, and I was able to cuddle you straight away while Dad cut the cord and before they tried to weigh you.  Despite being early, all your stats were perfect (almost bang on 50th percentile for everything), you had a little jaundice but nothing of any concern.


You continued to lose a little weight after leaving hospital, but since then have started to thrive – putting on almost double the “recommended” weight gain and you continue to fill out and are growing up before our eyes.  You are already so much more aware of your world than when we first brought you home.  We have been pretty lucky with you, while we are still sleep deprived and struggling with juggling everything, you continue to feed well and, while we might complain, you really do sleep pretty well.




And Emily, my gorgeous, gorgeous girl.  Such a big month for you with Sophie arriving.  You came and visited Mummy and Sophie in hospital a few times and while you were curious about Sophie you were more interested in investigating the hospital room.  Bringing Sophie home took a bit of adjustment and it was a few days before you were prepared to get close to her and a few more before you tried to touch her.  Now, a month on, you get concerned when she cries, you try and share your toys with her and love holding her little hands in yours when she is awake.


You have been getting more and more adventurous too.  You’re running around everywhere and taking a few tumbles as you explore your limits – there have been a few bumps to your head this month.  While we have been fairly preoccupied with Sophie, you have still had lots of attention and outings, especially when Granny was down to give us a hand for that first week or so at home.  You are loving going for long walks now, investigating your surroundings as you go and picking up sticks, leaves and bark to carry with you.  You’re also loving your water play table on hot days and think it’s hilarious when someone sprays you with the hose – always coming back for more.



You continue to eat almost anything we offer you, although you have gone off a few things you would eat previously.  We are starting to eat our dinner with you and serving you up a little of what we have to complement your dinner and you especially love eating whatever veges we offer.  You have finally dropped your last bottle and are 100% on solids now – getting so grown up!  You also have more teeth coming through.  The eye teeth are pushing out and it feels like the top ones could come through any day now.  We’ve had a few more tears and tantrums than usual this month, which we expected, but otherwise you continue to be your same happy, curious self and we love that you still sleep through the night (and until 6am now too!).


Love you both lots and lots and lots xoxoxo

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(All photos of Sophie were taken by my husband, Nick)

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