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Letter to Emily – July

Another month goes by and this one seems to have seen you change from being my baby to a little girl.  Your personality is really starting to come out and you have the most beautiful smile for us.  Your mobility has increased amazingly – both your balance and confidence are growing daily and we’re sure it won’t be long before you are standing and walking without any support.

This month I made sure I got some photos of you a few times.  I did some mini sessions for some other bubs around your age and had dad bring you along at the end to get some photos of you as well.  I love how these turned out and although you were a bit grumpy to start with, your smile came through and you even had some fun on the swing.  I love how in the first photo below you have kicked your right shoe off – you are always doing this and it rarely stays on for more than a couple of minutes at most.  We also got some photos of you having a bath – how this has changed since the last lot we took!  You stand at the bath and watch daddy getting it all ready for you, then you sit up in the bath and play with your toys while you have a wash.


You’ve had still MORE teeth come through, a total of 12 now.  The molars are still giving you a bit of grief as they come through fully, so hopefully we can have a break now before you get any more.  Your other teeth are coming through further and you have a big toothy grin now.  Your feeding well and eating more and more solids, and more variety all the time.  We’ve dropped your last bottle of the day and you don’t seem to miss it at all, instead we finish off with some yoghurt and banana which is a firm favourite.  Lots of “mmmm mmmm mmm” sounds as you eat it.  And just the last couple of days you’ve dropped the daytime bottle as well, I think it may make a reappearance, but will see how you go.


Your coordination is also improving almost daily.  We bought you some stacking rings and the past week has seen you go from trying “knock” them into place to purposefully picking each ring up, lining it up on the pole and letting it fall into position until you have put them all in place!  We’re very impressed with this and you seem to be pleased with yourself about it too.  You are also balancing on your own for longer and longer every day.  In the last week you’ve gone from just a couple of seconds to more than 10 seconds standing on your own yesterday!  Can’t be too much longer before you try taking those first little steps.

We are loving watching you constantly learn and grow. This last photo is my current favourite of you.  Looking up, straight at mummy holding the camera with a great big grin just for me!

Love you lots and lots and lots. xxxx


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4 thoughts on “Letter to Emily – July

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  2. Nicole

    27 Jul on 2013 at 3:10 am

    Kim, I love that last photo too :) Great expression!

  3. lee cleland

    27 Jul on 2013 at 8:00 pm

    All these photos show different aspects of Emily but the one I love is with her finger in her mouth, oh, and the big grin, and………

  4. Danya Banya

    28 Jul on 2013 at 11:02 pm

    Oh love that big grin!