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Letter to Emily – July

Another month goes by and this one seems to have seen you change from being my baby to a little girl.  Your personality is really starting to come out and you have the most beautiful smile for us.  Your mobility has increased amazingly – both your balance and confidence are growing daily and we’re sure it won’t be long before you are standing and walking without any support.

This month I made sure I got some photos of you a few times.  I did some mini sessions for some other bubs around your age and had dad bring you along at the end to get some photos of you as well.  I love how these turned out and although you were a bit grumpy to start with, your smile came through and you even had some fun on the swing.  I love how in the first photo below you have kicked your right shoe off – you are always doing this and it rarely stays on for more than a couple of minutes at most.  We also got some photos of you having a bath – how this has changed since the last lot we took!  You stand at the bath and watch daddy getting it all ready for you, then you sit up in the bath and play with your toys while you have a wash.


You’ve had still MORE teeth come through, a total of 12 now.  The molars are still giving you a bit of grief as they come through fully, so hopefully we can have a break now before you get any more.  Your other teeth are coming through further and you have a big toothy grin now.  Your feeding well and eating more and more solids, and more variety all the time.  We’ve dropped your last bottle of the day and you don’t seem to miss it at all, instead we finish off with some yoghurt and banana which is a firm favourite.  Lots of “mmmm mmmm mmm” sounds as you eat it.  And just the last couple of days you’ve dropped the daytime bottle as well, I think it may make a reappearance, but will see how you go.


Your coordination is also improving almost daily.  We bought you some stacking rings and the past week has seen you go from trying “knock” them into place to purposefully picking each ring up, lining it up on the pole and letting it fall into position until you have put them all in place!  We’re very impressed with this and you seem to be pleased with yourself about it too.  You are also balancing on your own for longer and longer every day.  In the last week you’ve gone from just a couple of seconds to more than 10 seconds standing on your own yesterday!  Can’t be too much longer before you try taking those first little steps.

We are loving watching you constantly learn and grow. This last photo is my current favourite of you.  Looking up, straight at mummy holding the camera with a great big grin just for me!

Love you lots and lots and lots. xxxx


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Winters day mini shoots Part II ~ child photography ~ Northern Sydney

Part II of my winter mini shoots shares the photographs of two more little boys who will be turning one soon.  These were taken on the same chilly morning as the last ones I blogged and the little guys braved the cold and put on some smiles for me.

This first little guy hadn’t been too well during the week but nothing could stop him from smiling that cute little grin and letting us see those two bottom teeth.  He seemed pretty impressed with the print his mum had made up listing all his stats and some of his favourite things – I thought it looked pretty damn good too!  Since he wasn’t feeling too well still, it took a little to get him interested, but then mum brought out one of his favourite toys – the orange truck.  Well, you just couldn’t stop him playing with it and the suitcase made the perfect surface for him to run it along.  He really is a happy little fella and with those beautiful blue eyes made a gorgeous model for these photos don’t you think?

child photography northern sydney, epping

This next little guy had also been a bit crook during the week and came along all rugged up for the shoot.  He still managed to pull out some smiles though – especially when he was in his little red wagon.  And check out those eyelashes – he has the most amazing, long curling lashes that will be the envy of every girl when he’s a bit older!


Winters day mini shoots ~ child photography ~ Northern Sydney

It was a chilly but sunny winter morning at a local park to capture photos of these bubs who are all heading towards their first birthday.  First up here we have Toby – his mum had made these awesome wooden block letters for his name and they really made for some cute photos.  Toby just wanted to play with them though and every time we set them up it was a race to see who was quicker – him to pull them down or me to get the shot in!


Toby also has the cheekiest grin for a bub I’ve ever seen, but by far the biggest smile was saved for when he was getting cuddles from mum.

child photography, northern sydney, epping

At the end of the shoot, I had my husband bring our little girl along as she is the same age as the other bubs who were there.  I did a mini mini-shoot for her as I don’t always get the chance to do a proper shoot for her and generally just grab what shots I can when the opportunity arises.  So it was lovely to actually get some photos of her with props and take a little time over it.  The photos below are some of my favourites of her, especially the big grin at the end.  It seems she has already learnt the curse of a photographers child and getting a smile on camera is already a challenge!

northern sydney mini shoot, children photography

Final leaves of Autumn ~ Family Photography ~ Northern Sydney

Another gorgeous Saturday when I headed out to Fagans Park for these family photos.  There are so many beautiful locations throughout the different gardens here, it was easy finding different and lovely backdrops for the photos.  We went on quite a bit of a trek around the park and most of the time it felt like we had the place to ourselves (and the ducks!) as it had been a wet end to the week and the morning had dawned a bit grey, however it was an absolutely perfect morning.  The autumn colour was glowing and the last of the leaves were still clinging to the trees.

Family photography northern sydney, fagans park

Kids make me laugh sometimes at their honesty, at the start of the shoot I asked the boy if he was looking forward to doing the photos.  His answer was “No, not really”.  So I made sure we quickly found some fun things to do and set him some challenges to get him going – it’s amazing how enthusiastic kids can get when you ask which step they can jump off, or bet they can’t climb on to a particular rock!  He didn’t admit it, but I’m pretty sure he had a good time and we certainly got some good grins out of him.

fagans park autumn colour northern sydney photography

I had so much fun photographing this family and being able to capture so much fun and love amongst the gorgeous autumn colour.