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Chubby cheeks | Childrens Photography | Sydney

This little guy was all of 10 months old at this shoot that we did at a beautiful little patch of green near his home in northern Sydney.  He still has all his beautiful baby chubbiness – chubby cheeks, roly poly arms and legs and the chunky little body that hasn’t quite emerged from it’s babyness into toddlerhood.  He gave us some beautiful big smiles and grins and was such a happy little guy.


But what did I love the most from this shoot?  The images I have below are what I love to capture.  This little guy is the youngest of six boys to this amazing mum and the connection and love between the two of them is delightful to see.  I love that I managed to capture their bond – having a glimpse into this family bond is one of my favourite things to see and capture.  The best part – his mum told me that she didn’t want to be in photos, that she generally hates photos of herself, but on seeing these she had to have them.


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Letter to my Daughters – December/January

Dear Emily, what an amazing couple of months you have had.  We had a fairly busy run up to Christmas between daycare concert, catching up with friends and family and then Christmas day itself of course.  You had a ball opening presents (you totally understand it now!) and were so excited with your new play kitchen.


There followed 3 weeks with all of us at home together which saw so many changes in you.  Your talk and chatter about absolutely everything now, presenting your ideas several times in a row, each time slightly differently or expanding on your idea as you work out how words go together and how they explain your world.  Each morning while your sister had her nap, you had dedicated time with me, your dad or both of us and we played outside – blowing bubbles, riding your balance bike or doing craft.  I think this was your favourite part of the day.


We had fabulous outings to the zoo, water play, various parks, hanging out with your grandparents as well as spending a LOT of time at our local playground and walking around our neighbourhood.  While you love both mummy and daddy lots, you are definitely more of a mummy’s girl which means I get lots of cuddles and lots of demands that I do thigns for you rather than anyone else.


You also had your first haircut recently.  This was a pretty big even for you and you really didn’t enjoy it at all.  There were lots of tears and pleading, but you were very brave and sat on my lap and let the hairdresser do her job.  You now love your shorter hair and it’s so much easier to take care of and doesn’t hurt when we brush it out for you.

You were very eager to return to childcare by the end of the break and so excited that Sophie would be coming with you too!  You fell straight back into the routine and have had an absolute ball.  Your confidence has been lovely to see and you are coming so much more out of your shell and interacting with the other kids there.


You are a sweet, clever, curious little girl with increasing confidence which is beautiful to see.IMG_0633

Dear Sophie, an amazing couple of months for you too.  Your toddling has transformed into walking and now you are pretty much running!  It’s gorgeous to see you walking along and reaching up to hold a hand if you get a bit wobbly or determinedly pulling your hand away and asserting your independence.  Watchign you and your sister play together and twirling in our loungeroom (and falling over) has everyone in fits of giggles.


You have absolutely loved having everyone home with you for several weeks and have grown so much in that time.  You are becoming more and more confident at the local playground (including a couple of incidents that really scared your parents while you worked out your limitations!) and can now walk around for about half the time we are at the zoo.  You even now enjoy playing with water – a sprinkler in the backyard, the water fountain area at Olympic Park are a couple of our favourite places on a hot day.


At some point you stopped eating mushy food at all and are now eating almost the same as what your sister does.  You are loving pretty much everything we offer you, just as your sister did, and enjoy trying all the new things on offer now.  You also finally had 4 more teeth come through in mid-January bringing the total up to 10 teeth.  Your hair is slowly getting longer and getting all these gorgeous curls at the back.


You had your first day at daycare this week.  It was a big deal for us while you are quite the little extrovert it is a huge change for you after being at home all the time up to now.  Much to our delight, you absolutely loved it!  You have loved having a new environment to explore, toys and games to play, people to interact with and so many different activities to do.  You are exhausted at the end of each day, but always in a good mood as you seem to thrive on all the interaction.

You are our happy, giggly, determined little girl, who is growing up so quickly!


Love you both lots and lots and lots xoxoxoxo