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Something a little different – self portraits | beauty shots


Here is what I look like most of the time :)


I have been wanting to work on something a little different to my usual outdoor family style portraits for a while now.  However, due to the usual busy life stuff having two children under the age of two and the exhaustion resulting from that I haven’t really had the time to follow it up.  Until now!

My first step has been to try working on the poses by doing self portraits.  Pretty tricky, since you can’t see yourself and how you actually look to the camera, so with a bit of trial and error I came up with some results that I was quite happy with.  Over the next month or so I have a few women lined up to get some more practice in – working with different ages, body types, instructing posing  – I can’t wait to try this out with me behind the camera guiding a session and making beautiful portraits of some of my favourite people!

Keep an eye out over the next couple of months as I work on this style of beauty portraits with an aim to offer sessions soon.

Is this style of photography session something you would be interested in?


Self Portrait

self portrait
Nothing like putting yourself out there on your first post!  I took this photo (well, ok, 2 photos…) sitting on my daggy old sofa bed that I’ve had for over ten years – the first “serious” furniture purchase I ever made.  I still love it and thought I should feature it in a photo before I get rid of it in the next year or so – doesn’t hurt that it is next to a huge window for some gorgeous natural light!

This photo was taken for a Project 52 that I’m taking part in with a fabulous group of ladies and was our first week assignment – talk about stretching yourself.  It has been a great way to get to “meet” them all, as we only know each other online and as most of us are Mum’s we are usually behind the camera, not in front of it.

I had skimmed through an ebook on self portrait photography over christmas and loved some of the photos in there.  The one of a woman jumping on her bed and only showing her legs looked all kinds of fun, so I wanted to do that, but with my own twist.  Since we are only doing the one self portrait, I thought I should actually include myself in it as well and liked the idea of one of “me” sitting on the lounge watching the other “me” jumping and this was the result.