Something a little different – self portraits | beauty shots


Here is what I look like most of the time :)


I have been wanting to work on something a little different to my usual outdoor family style portraits for a while now.  However, due to the usual busy life stuff having two children under the age of two and the exhaustion resulting from that I haven’t really had the time to follow it up.  Until now!

My first step has been to try working on the poses by doing self portraits.  Pretty tricky, since you can’t see yourself and how you actually look to the camera, so with a bit of trial and error I came up with some results that I was quite happy with.  Over the next month or so I have a few women lined up to get some more practice in – working with different ages, body types, instructing posing  – I can’t wait to try this out with me behind the camera guiding a session and making beautiful portraits of some of my favourite people!

Keep an eye out over the next couple of months as I work on this style of beauty portraits with an aim to offer sessions soon.

Is this style of photography session something you would be interested in?


Letter to my Daughters – June

Dear Emily,  what an amazing couple of months with you.  You loved the visit up to grans place and loved spending loads of time outside.  You also finally got over your fear of walking in dirt/sand, although you now can sit for ages cleaning every last grain off the bottom of your feet.  You continue to be incredibly active and it’s not unusual for us to go to the zoo and you only hop in the pram right at the end when we’ve already been walking around for nearly 2 hours.


Your speech continues to expand and you seem to come out with new words every day at the moment.  Latest words include “wet”, “sit”, “corn” and you love to say “meow” every time you see a cat.  You have had a few illnesses over the last little while (probably courtesy of childcare), with gastro working its way through all of us, and another bout of tonsillitis making you miserable.


You test your boundaries on an almost constant basis (and our patience at times), however you are a good kid with a beautiful, kind nature and love to help us out.

Dear Sophie.  so much is happening in your little world right now.  You are finding your voice with your favourite noise being a deep growl, we don’t know how you don’t have a sore throat from it but you love it.  In the last week you have also started some serious babbling with lots of different babbles coming out – all interspersed with your growls of course!

You are regularly eating 2 meals every day and haven’t rejected any tastes we have offered up to you so far.  You are getting more mobile too, rolling is totally under control now, spinning on your tummy and you even manage to shuffle around a little bit while sitting to get where you want to – as long as it isn’t too far.  We don’t think it will be very long before you are crawling now, you can move from sitting, rock forward onto your hands and knees, you just don’t have the moving part happening yet.

You are still a happy, smiley baby, with great big grins for everyone, especially your big sister and when we sing nursery rhymes to you.

Love you both lots and lots and lots xoxoxoxo

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Letter to My Daughters – April

Goodness, where did this month go?!

Dear Sophie, you continue to show more and more of your personality.  This month has seen you start to really interact with your world and wanting to do more.  You still aren’t that keen on rolling – you have done it, but you would rather be sitting or holding our hands to stand up and see more than you can while laying on the ground.  We picked up a high chair for you and you sit in it a couple of times a day now playing with toys or watching what everyone else is up to.

You have started eating a bit more “real food” and you are loving the pureed apple  and porridge we have introduced you to so far.  You have also found your voice, almost to our dismay, with your favourite sound being a very loud, high shriek.  At least it seems to be a happy noise most of the time.  You continue to be our good sleeping, happy, smiley little girl.


Dear Emily, another amazing month for you.  Your energy levels continue to increase and you are definitely keeping us on our toes as you test your capabilities and boundaries.  We spend weekends working out ways to tire you out and as a result we get out a lot more ourselves and are exploring more parks and playgrounds in the area.  Over Easter your interest in fountains finally surpassed your fear of getting wet from them and you ended up soaked but incredibly happy.  Of course this was the one time we forgot to bring a change of clothes for you!


You are slowly adding more words to your vocabulary, still not a lot of words there but it’s really starting to pick up.  Recently you have added “hi”, “shhh” and “baby” and your pronunciation is getting clearer all the time.  We have changed up your breakfast a few times lately to try and get enough into you and have finally settled on giving you porridge – and most days you eat as much as dad!  You continue to be a funny, affectionate little girl and dote on your little sister.


Love you both lots and lots and lots xoxoxoxo

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Re-launch and opening special!


mini sessions MayI’m very excited about re-launching Kim Eales Photography in May.  At the moment I’m madly getting organised and testing things out so that I can make sure everything runs smoothly once I get going and to ensure that the products I offer are of a beautiful quality.

As an opening special, I will be offering mini-sessions over two separate days – one weekday, one weekend day – so that I can offer as many people as possible a taste of what I will be offering in a full session.  I am still confirming dates for this, so stay tuned on the blog, my Facebook page or sign up to my newsletter (bottom of this page or via Facebook) to make sure you don’t miss out.

What do you get from this mini-session?  It will be a 15 minute session at a location I will confirm with you in the next couple of weeks.  From this session, I will provide an online gallery with at least 6 images in for you to select the 3 high-resolution digital images which will be included in the $95 session fee.  The additional images and a limited range of products will also be available for you to purchase.

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing with you the types of sessions that work well as a mini-session, how to know if a mini-session will give you what you are after or if you should go ahead and book a full session, and what you can expect from me in the months ahead.  I have a lot of plans in the making and I can’t wait to get on top of it all and share it with you!

Letters to my Daughters – March

Dear Emily, this month has seen a huge transformation in your social interactions.  You have gone from tears when being dropped at childcare, to being so excited at the mere mention that you will be going.  You stop whatever you are doing and start waving bye bye to me, come over and give me a kiss, then find daddy and hurry him along so that you can get going.  You are also interacting with other children so much more – at childcare, at the playground – everywhere.


You’ve had your share of colds and fevers this month, finishing the month on antibiotics for tonsillitis.  Otherwise you have been happy and active, your confidence is soaring and you are testing your physical boundaries and capabilities more and more every day.  It’s resulting in a few bumped heads and tears, but you approach life at a run now and you don’t let anything hold you back.

You have gone up another shoe size, into size 8 now and most of your clothes are a size 2 – they’re a bit long in the arms, but the length of the pants and tops is perfect for you.  We went to a party for a 4-yr old the other day and after you got over your initial shyness you had an absolute ball, playing with the hoops and right at the end you got up the nerve to go on the jumping castle – I didn’t think we would ever get you off, you thought it was all a big laugh.


Dear Sophie, you seem to be growing and getting bigger almost every day at the moment.  You are sleeping for shorter periods through the day, but you still sleep through the night for us.  You had your 4 month immunisations and check up this month and passed with flying colours, although I thought you were going to jump out of my lap with the first needle, you got such a fright!

You are becoming much more alert and aware of your surroundings, watching everything going on with great interest – especially if it involves your big sister.  You are enjoying tummy time a lot more and are getting very strong.  You have rolled over from front to back a few times now and are trying with all your might to go from back to front but you don’t quite have it yet.  I don’t think it will be long now though.


You have become a real chatterbox too and will carry on a gurgly, burbly conversation with us for several minutes at a time.  You are still our happy, smiley, chubby little girl and very easy going and happy to fit in with whatever is going on.

Love you both lots and lots and lots xoxoxoxoxox

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Letter to my Daughters – February

Gorgeous girls, you both keep changing and growing so quickly!

Dear Emily, your smile and laughter are contagious.  We’ve heard a little less of them than usual this month as you have suffered through a few nasty colds for the first time.  The latest saw you with a bit of a temperature and major sniffles for a whole week, followed up with a bout of gastro (which you shared with the rest of us too).  For that week or two you just wanted your mummy and were not interested in being around anyone else.  Luckily you are now over that and are back to your usual happy, energetic self.

You have settled in to the one nap routine pretty well now and we think you must be going through another growth spurt as your appetite is huge.  I think you eat more in a day than I do at the moment!  You are having more fun at the park and continue pushing your limits and seeing what you can do.  This resulted in a fat lip a couple of days ago, but you also mastered going head first down the big slide and at home you love drawing and throwing a ball around, making sure that everyone has a turn.  You were very brave at the start of this week getting your 18 month immunisations and check up.  You are now 11.3kg and height is 82cm, you have very few clear words, but I take it as a good sign that your clearest word so far is “yum” and is used liberally at meal time.

You are becoming more affectionate all the time now, cuddles and holding our hands are a regular part of the days now.  The cutest thing from you at the moment though by far, is when you see mummy and daddy have a cuddle, you give us the biggest grin and make your “happy” noise.


Dear Sophie, you are still our happy, chubby little girl and you are growing so much!  Other than a quick bout of gastro a week ago, you have had a pretty good month.  You continue to sleep through the night, feed well and your feeds have become fairly predictable which really helps us plan things.  You have gone up another nappy size – only one size below your big sister now.

You are becoming more and more alert and interactive too – grabbing anything that touches your little fingers and smiling your great big grin when you wake up and see us looking at you.  You’re getting the hang of tummy time and managed to roll from front to back, doing it twice each way earlier this week, although you haven’t done it again yet.  Your big sister still loves being with you and whenever you are up she wants to come over and touch your toes and hands and for your part, you can’t take your eyes off her when she is near.

You hit the 4 month mark two days ago and we take you for your immunisations and check up next week.  Looking forward to seeing how much you have grown and to what the next month with you brings.


Love you both lots and lots and lots xoxoxoxoxo

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Letter to my Daughters – January

Dear Emily, another big month of changes for you in January.  Your first days at childcare – you’re the oldest in the “babies” room and although you cry and carry on when we leave you there, you settle in quickly and seem to be loving all the different activities available.  They are long days for you though and you always come home exhausted and ready for some quiet time with mummy and daddy.  You also had your first cold which neither of us enjoyed at all.  You were miserable with a sore throat which would wake you up multiple times during the night needing to be soothed back to sleep again.  Luckily the accompanying high temperature didn’t last long and you got better quickly.

You are quickly growing and becoming more confident in your abilities and around other people.  You love playing on the equipment at the local playground and will now happily go down the “big” slide and you are becoming more comfortable when other children are playing there as well.  As long as they don’t try and get too close to you!


You are finally making the transition to a single day sleep.  I’m a bit sad to see the two sleeps go and you are getting very tired by the end of the day, but it will let us do a lot more things once you settle into it properly.  It is already helping with you getting to sleep more quickly in the evenings which is lovely for us.

You still adore your little sister, and it is her you go to first when I come to pick you up from childcare or when daddy brings you home.  You love touching her and helping us look after her, letting us know if we have forgotten something or put things in the wrong place.  You are growing up into a gorgeous, helpful and caring little girl.


Dear Sophie, you are the happiest, most settled little baby I have ever come across.  You feed well and have already dropped back to only four feeds a day.  They are big feeds, but you show no interest in getting fed more frequently at this point and have lovely long sleeps between times.  You are also sleeping through the night nearly every night for which we are very thankful.  And you sleep in later than the rest of us!  This week has seen you up usually some time around 7am, which lets the rest of us get up, showered and fed before you most mornings which makes a great start to the day for us.

You are becoming quite alert and when you wake up wanting a feed, you don’t cry, but rather just lay there with your eyes wide open taking in everything around you.  When I come over and call your name, you search until you find me and then give the most beautiful, big smiles and you seem so happy.

You have been gaining weight rather impressively as well.  We had to move you up another clothing size sooner than we expected (and some of those are a bit short for you already!) and you show no signs of losing any of the chubbiness you have had since the beginning.  You are a gorgeous, happy, easy going, chubby little baby.

Love you both lots and lots and lots xoxoxoxo

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Letter to my Daughters – December

Dear Emily, you’re getting older now and the big milestones are coming along a bit slower, but we can still see you growing and learning every day.  You are adjusting to the presence of your new sister and love trying to help us with her – letting us know when she cries, trying to rock the pram, and constantly trying to touch her little hands and feet whenever you have the chance.

You are still having trouble with going down to sleep, but luckily for all of us this is now only a problem for you at night and your day sleeps are pretty much back to normal.  You still need your two naps during the day, but you don’t get quite as tired and cranky if they are a bit shorter.  Although you do prefer your long sleeps still!


We had a few outings for you this month and some fun new experiences.  You went to a water play area with lots of fountains – you were a bit scared of it all but got braver the longer we were there.  It was a still a bit too much for you though at times and you would switch between laughing and crying continually.  We also went to the zoo twice!  This was much more interesting.  There were animals you could get close to and touch and you thought the elephants were so funny, you were still laughing about them 10 minutes later.  It’s a big day for you going to the zoo, but you had so much fun and we will be trying to get back there regularly.


Your balance is improving and when we take you for walks you are practically running the whole way now.  You can do little twirls (although you can get a bit dizzy), and at the park can get yourself on to the see-saw and love trying to walk up the slide.  You can walk quite a long way now too – up to distances over 1km.


Your toys have become your “babies” and we often see you picking them up and patting them on the back or trying to give them a drink from your water bottle.  While you haven’t said any words yet, you have perfected the art of answering our questions with a nod or shake of your head, which helps us work out what you want a lot.  Usually it’s for more food!  But it is also useful when you want to let us know you are tired.

You find so many things amusing at the moment and are so often laughing and giggling away to some private joke or just at us, you are our happy, sunny, active little girl.


Dear Sophie, what a month for you!  At the start of the month we had your 6 week check up and everything about you is coming along perfectly.  Height and weight are both hovering around 50th percentile which is lovely – you have perfect chubby little arms and legs, much more so than your sister had at the same age.  Your interactions with people and ability to hold a gaze were advanced for your age, so much so that the nurse could hardly believe that you had turned up 3 weeks early!


You have cut down to five bottles a day already and only one of those through the night which is lovely for us as we are starting to get some decent sleep again.  You are becoming much more alert during your awake periods and even have little “chats” with us already, making the cutest little goo and gaa sounds.  We didn’t get this from Emily, so it’s lovely seeing the differences between you both already.


You are growing quickly and it looks like you will be out of the 000 clothes soon and into just 00 – it is all happening so fast.  We have taken you out in the car quite a bit recently and luckily you are perfectly behaved and don’t seem to mind it at all.  Most of the time you just fall asleep with the movement of the car.  Unfortunately, once we get where we are going it’s not quite as smooth.  As long as we are moving (like at the zoo), you are happy enough, but if we want to stay in one place it doesn’t take long before you are crying the place down.  This makes it a little difficult to get out and about and take your sister to interesting places, but hopefully it is a short phase and we can start doing more soon.


Love you both lots and lots and lots


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And one last photo of Emily – I’m loving this girls crazy faces at the moment…


Letter to Emily & Sophie – November

And then there were two!


Welcome to the world Sophie Lee Eales!  You couldn’t wait any longer and made your way in to the world 3 weeks early, just hours after last months letter to Emily went live.  Your birth and first few weeks have been relatively easy compared to the chaos your sister brought to us.  The birth was straight forward, and I was able to cuddle you straight away while Dad cut the cord and before they tried to weigh you.  Despite being early, all your stats were perfect (almost bang on 50th percentile for everything), you had a little jaundice but nothing of any concern.


You continued to lose a little weight after leaving hospital, but since then have started to thrive – putting on almost double the “recommended” weight gain and you continue to fill out and are growing up before our eyes.  You are already so much more aware of your world than when we first brought you home.  We have been pretty lucky with you, while we are still sleep deprived and struggling with juggling everything, you continue to feed well and, while we might complain, you really do sleep pretty well.




And Emily, my gorgeous, gorgeous girl.  Such a big month for you with Sophie arriving.  You came and visited Mummy and Sophie in hospital a few times and while you were curious about Sophie you were more interested in investigating the hospital room.  Bringing Sophie home took a bit of adjustment and it was a few days before you were prepared to get close to her and a few more before you tried to touch her.  Now, a month on, you get concerned when she cries, you try and share your toys with her and love holding her little hands in yours when she is awake.


You have been getting more and more adventurous too.  You’re running around everywhere and taking a few tumbles as you explore your limits – there have been a few bumps to your head this month.  While we have been fairly preoccupied with Sophie, you have still had lots of attention and outings, especially when Granny was down to give us a hand for that first week or so at home.  You are loving going for long walks now, investigating your surroundings as you go and picking up sticks, leaves and bark to carry with you.  You’re also loving your water play table on hot days and think it’s hilarious when someone sprays you with the hose – always coming back for more.



You continue to eat almost anything we offer you, although you have gone off a few things you would eat previously.  We are starting to eat our dinner with you and serving you up a little of what we have to complement your dinner and you especially love eating whatever veges we offer.  You have finally dropped your last bottle and are 100% on solids now – getting so grown up!  You also have more teeth coming through.  The eye teeth are pushing out and it feels like the top ones could come through any day now.  We’ve had a few more tears and tantrums than usual this month, which we expected, but otherwise you continue to be your same happy, curious self and we love that you still sleep through the night (and until 6am now too!).


Love you both lots and lots and lots xoxoxo

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(All photos of Sophie were taken by my husband, Nick)