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Letter to Emily – May

What a month May has been.  You have had lots of visits with family, spending an afternoon with the grandparents while Mummy and Daddy got to go out for a few hours (bliss!) and then visits from the other grandparents in the last week as well as both your uncles – everyone was in town!  It was a little overwhelming having all these new faces around at first, but after a few tears you adjusted and were happily smiling at everyone and crawling around the place.

Letter to my daughter

You’re moving so much faster now.  The crawling has picked up pace, you pull up on everything you can reach and love standing at the glass sliding door to the backyard and watching the cat outside.  You’ve taken a few tumbles, had a few bruises, but your balance keeps improving and we’re lucky you worked out to fall onto your bum first before your head hits the ground!  We’ve had more teeth come through – you have six now!

Letter to my daughter, crawling

Most of the time you are sleeping better, we still have the occasional rough night, but most nights you go down fairly easily and it’s getting closer (and more consistently) to 6am before you get up each day.  On weekends you love coming into our room and having a play on the bed before heading downstairs for your breakfast.  You’re still on 4 bottles a day, but your solids have increased and you’re still loving pretty much everything we put in front of you.  Day naps have dropped back to two a day and as long as we get you down in time they are lovely, longer naps.  If you’re naps get stuffed up though you get a bit cranky, so we try and keep to them as best we can.

Letter to my daughter, family photo

Bonus family photo! Photograph taken by Lee Cleland

This month you are such an active, happy and mostly contented bub with the biggest grin for everyone.

Love you lots and lots and lots.

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Letter to Emily – April

Dear Emily,

As usual – what a month!  You made a huge leap in everything at the start of this month.  Over Easter you decided to change everything up with your feeds, sleeps – everything.  You’ve dropped a bottle and we’re down to doing only 4 bottles a day now and we’ve massively increased the amount of solids you have.  Very clearly two big meals a day – porridge and fruit in the morning for breakfast and then veges and a bit of fruit for lunch.  You’re down to three naps a day, still sleeping really well and towards the end of this month you’ve given us several nights where you haven’t woken up and needed us to help you resettle once!

Emily 8 months

On the movement front, you made it up onto your knees but took a while to work out that you could move forwards on you knees as well.  Then in the space of a week you went from a couple of tentative forward movements, to happily crawling after us or the cat or exploring away on your own.  It only took a couple of days and you were starting to pull yourself up onto your knees, then your feet and a couple of days ago you pulled yourself up onto the first step on our staircase.  Needless to say it is now blocked off!  You’re still a bit wobbly though and have taken a few tumbles, a few tears, but you’re tough and are usually easy to distract with a toy.

Emily 8 months stairs

You also have really started to show your personality.  After not being a very cuddly baby, you now love nothing more than crawling up to and snuggling up with mummy and daddy.  You give us big grins, lots of giggles and when we pick you up you happily nestle into a shoulder.

It’s been a wonderful month watching you change from a baby to an interactive and loving little person.

Love you lots and lots and lots xoxoxo

Emily 8 months looking at camera

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Letter to Emily – March

letter to Emily photograph

Dear Emily,

You’re growing up so much now!  Your second tooth came through shortly after the first and you now have both bottom teeth which you enjoy using to get stuck into your food.  This month has seen you really getting stuck into eating – we now have porridge and fruit for breaky each morning, veggies and fruit for lunch and, depending on timing, you will get bits of our dinner or something to munch on in the evening too.  We try and give you things you can pick up and feed yourself with as well as spoon feeding you so you can start getting the hang of feeding yourself, although you still prefer us to feed you.

This month has seen you become much more smiley, with a huge cheeky grin always at the ready.  You are also becoming much more vocal with us, no recognisable sounds yet, but it can’t be too far off.  You are also much more mobile, rolling around as you please and this month you started doing a “commando” crawl – not up on your knees yet, but definitely getting pretty quick moving around the place.  After a couple of incidents, the cat has worked out it is much safer to be out of your way!


We started up a bit of an evening routine with you now as well.  You skip your nap between the last two feeds and stretch out being awake for a little bit longer.  We help with this by taking you for a long walk each evening which you seem to enjoy.  Then once we’re home it’s final bottle for the night, clean nappy, read a book and put you down to bed.  You’re slowly getting the hang of it and going down much better of an evening than you have done.


I’m also very pleased to see that your hair has started growing back in.  Much lighter than when you were born but it seems to be growing quite quickly, can’t wait to see what it looks like as it grows more.  It’s been a lovely month with you watching you grow and learn,

Love you lots and lots and lots xoxo


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Letter to Emily – February

Emily 6mths blue dress

You passed the half year mark earlier this month.  When you were born, we wondered how we would make it, but the time is passing faster and faster…  So what have you been up to this month?

The day after the last letter to you, you decided that you had worked out how to sit up.  After a week of this you were a pro at it and were already moving on to the next thing!  Rolling started, slowly but surely, back to front over your left hip.  Another week or so of that and you are now flipping yourself over and back like an expert and loving the different perspectives it is giving you on your world.  We were a bit worried the first time you did this in your cot, but you soon realised it wasn’t the end of the world and you don’t scream the place down now when it happens. Another first – just a couple of days ago your first tooth came through!

I could swear you gave me a kiss the other morning.  We have a little routine whenever we get you out of the cot or after a nappy change where we stand in front of the mirror as you love looking at yourself and mummy or daddy in the mirror.  I usually give you a kiss on the cheek and have been getting snuggles back from you.  Then one morning you turned to me and pressed your (open) mouth to my cheek.  You then licked my cheek, but I’m sure that was you giving me a kiss.

You’ve also migrated out of having your arms swaddled.  You started with one arm out – that took a lot of getting used to as you kept pulling your dummy out and losing it!  After a few weeks of that we tried you with both arms out – after just one go settling you this way you were happy with it and now take your dummy out and put it back in again like an expert.

We had some fun with the camera this month to capture the 6 month mark and even managed to capture a couple of those cheeky grins this time.

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Emily 6mths pink

Letter to Emily – January

Dear Emily,

This month has been filled with changes and growth for you.  It seems that almost every day you are doing something new, different or better than you were the day before.

Emily eye

You’re feeding has gone through the roof for the past couple of weeks – one hell of a growth spurt – and you have put on loads of weight.  A visit to the doctor earlier this week had you weighing in at 7kg – that’s over a kilo gained in the last month and it looks like you will easily hit the 50th percentile at your six month check up.  This makes us happy as you were 75th percentile when born, then dropped back to 25th percentile with your feeding issues, it’s so lovely to see you catching back up again.

Lots of firsts this month – you rolled for the first time last weekend!  Back to front and then to prove it wasn’t a fluke you did it again.  That was over the left hip, then just to show off you rolled over the other side too.  You’ve continued to roll a couple of times a day since, but luckily for us not while you’re asleep.

Emily mat

You have also started chuckling.  While you would very occasionally laugh before when I blew raspberries on your belly, I can now tickle you or just laugh and you laugh back with me which is absolutely delightful.  You also kick your legs when excited or happy and are doing this a lot!  This is especially fun when you’re having a bath – you love the splashing noises.  The leg kicking and rolling have also made you semi-mobile and while you love your play mat, you don’t last long in the same position or even on it any more.

Your ability to grab things has also improved out of sight.  You can reach for and grab anything you put your mind to now.  On the down side, this means I have come in for a lot of hair pulling!  You love exploring faces too and if Daddy or I lay down beside you, you will spend ages reaching out and grabbing our nose, lips… whatever you can get a handle on.

Emily and Daddy

While you still spend most of your time with me since I’m home during the week, you are getting to spend more time interacting with Daddy in the evenings and weekends now as you are more playful when awake.  It’s awesome seeing the bond between the two of you getting stronger and I’m sure it will continue as you get older.

It’s been such a big month for you and I can only imagine what you will get up to in the next month.

Love you lots and lots and lots. xoxo

Emily hands

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Letter to Emily – 5 months

Wow, 5 months already!  Since this is my first letter to you, I’ll back up a bit…  Your daddy and I were so looking forward to meeting you and once you arrived we had 5 days in the hospital just to spend getting to know you and trying to understand how to look after you.  You seemed so small and fragile and we had no idea what we were in for, but just gazing into your eyes as you stared back at us made it all worthwhile.

Emily - two weeks

Emily – two weeks

The first couple of months of your life were hard!  To be honest, it’s all a bit of a blur now but we had a lot of problems with your feeding which affected me as well and in the end we had to give up breastfeeding after only 3 weeks.  I was devastated, but it was also a blessing and a relief to have the decision made.  I got to spend a lot more time with you then, just holding you and helping you and getting to know you.  Feeding continued to be a bit of a struggle and we tried lots of different things and saw different people about it until we finally got it all sorted out – your little tummy didn’t like lactose and also had reflux issues.  So the combination of lactose free formula and some reflux medication which we got sorted out around 2 months saw you start to increase your feeds and really start thriving!

The next couple of months were ones of constant improvement.  You kept putting on weight well after your slow start and all your responses and reactions were spot on for your age.  You always had really strong neck muscles which is just as well since your head is on the larger side.  You started smiling at us regularly and your whole face would light up when you saw me first thing in the morning.  Wonderfully, you slept through most nights from 2 months onwards – anywhere from 6-9pm start until 5-7am in the morning.  I started getting my sanity back.

This month has been amazing.  We started offering you solids but you weren’t real interested, so we left it for a week then offered again.  This time – oh boy!  You LOVED the flavours and sit in your new high chair with your mouth open like a baby bird waiting for the next spoonful making happy little sounds.  We had a catch up with some other mums and bubs the same age as you and you spent the entire time watching them all.  As soon as we got home, you started “talking”, adorable little burbles and you haven’t stopped since.  You’ve started smiling all the time.  Great, big, eye crinkling, shoulder lifting smiles!  We’ve even had a few chuckles when we blow raspberries on your belly.

Over Christmas we took you up to see Grandpa and then Granny.  You took the car trips in your stride and only cried when you were getting hungry or had a dirty nappy.  At Grandpa’s you got to spend some time with big cousin Ben (he’s nearly 6!) and you were both smitten with each other and you couldn’t take your eyes off him.  Then it was on to Granny’s and she has a puppy dog who was also very interested in you and whenever you whimpered or cried, the puppy wanted to go to you and make it all better.  It was very hot up there, but again, you handled it all amazingly, although we think you were pretty happy to get home again – you slept a lot!

Emily - five months

Emily – nearly five months and admiring Granny’s roses

Yes, you were born with a gorgeous, full head of hair, which has started thinning on top in the last month or so – looking forward to seeing if it’s a different colour when it grows back in!

Can’t wait to see what the next month will bring.

Love you lots and lots. xoxoxoxo