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Letter to Emily – April

Dear Emily,

As usual – what a month!  You made a huge leap in everything at the start of this month.  Over Easter you decided to change everything up with your feeds, sleeps – everything.  You’ve dropped a bottle and we’re down to doing only 4 bottles a day now and we’ve massively increased the amount of solids you have.  Very clearly two big meals a day – porridge and fruit in the morning for breakfast and then veges and a bit of fruit for lunch.  You’re down to three naps a day, still sleeping really well and towards the end of this month you’ve given us several nights where you haven’t woken up and needed us to help you resettle once!

Emily 8 months

On the movement front, you made it up onto your knees but took a while to work out that you could move forwards on you knees as well.  Then in the space of a week you went from a couple of tentative forward movements, to happily crawling after us or the cat or exploring away on your own.  It only took a couple of days and you were starting to pull yourself up onto your knees, then your feet and a couple of days ago you pulled yourself up onto the first step on our staircase.  Needless to say it is now blocked off!  You’re still a bit wobbly though and have taken a few tumbles, a few tears, but you’re tough and are usually easy to distract with a toy.

Emily 8 months stairs

You also have really started to show your personality.  After not being a very cuddly baby, you now love nothing more than crawling up to and snuggling up with mummy and daddy.  You give us big grins, lots of giggles and when we pick you up you happily nestle into a shoulder.

It’s been a wonderful month watching you change from a baby to an interactive and loving little person.

Love you lots and lots and lots xoxoxo

Emily 8 months looking at camera

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